Commercial Real Estate Investing: Investing in the Future

OnPointe Partners is a Global Real Estate Mentorship Firm that is committed to crafting innovative and creative strategies that are rooted in our mission to transform communities through real estate. These projects promote economic growth. No matter the location or the community we influence positive change that produces measurable results worldwide. We teach our clients how to build wealth from commercial real estate investing.

Our Mission

At OnPointe Partners, our mission is to create systematic change in urban communities, by developing residential and commercial properties to promote economic growth in underserved areas.

Our Mentorship Program

Meet The Team

We aim to assist individuals in creating wealth through investing in Commercial Real Estate. Our team accomplishes this by advising, educating, and mentoring. It is a sense of pride that I have a direct effect on building wealth for my clients, partners, and employees.

Utilizing proprietary market analysis, it combines an understanding of property management, leasing management, and specific market insights. The result is its ability to improve underperforming assets. YPI has the expertise to proactively make value-added property improvements, accelerate leasing efforts to attract tenants, manage operating costs and generate more efficient utilization of acquired buildings.

Dorian Carter CCIM
Dorian Carter CCIMPresident
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Our Core Principles

  • Provide world-class service that far exceeds our customer’s expectations

  • To bring real-world solutions to our clients that increase profitability, uncover new revenue streams and reduce operational costs

  • Make a transformational impact in the communities in which we operate

  •  To expand opportunities for our employees, contractors, and vendors to provide phenomenal growth in their personal lives, family and professional careers


Mentorship Program