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OnPointe Partners – Investing In Commercial Real Estate

OnPointe Partners, founded by Dorian L. Carter specializes in commercial real estate for executive-level consulting and training services to investors, developers, corporations, governments, and nonprofits. Investing in Commercial Real Estate gives you the unique opportunity to build wealth just as other high net worth earners. Additionally, the income streams typically have higher yields than what you can receive with stock investing and 401k’s. This is also accomplished by improving the properties and using leverage to purchase the asset (borrow money). What many may not know is that it doesn’t take a huge investment to reach this goal. Come let us show you how to take advantage of the new tax benefits especially with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (Trump Tax Cut).

OnPointe Partners

Executive Level Consulting

At OnPointe Partners, Dorian provides Executive level consulting and training services to a diverse group of investors and developers. In the past 3 years, he has consulted on projects in excess of $75 million, with millions more in planned projects.

These projects consisted of rezoning through to raw land development, construction, and adaptive reuse. He is highly sought after in the industry due to his integrity, vast knowledge, experience, and commitment to helping people.

He brings a unique strength of viewing projects at the macro level, while executing day-to-day on the micro level. Dorian’s background in the US Air Force, Corporate Management, Technology, Supply Chain and Nonprofit Management fuels his knowledge base and strategic leadership. He has a track record of success in real estate, including retail, historic, industrial, and affordable housing projects.

Whether you are seeking assistance on projects, consulting or real estate training, Dorian is here to help.

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Investing in Commercial Real Estate gives you the unique opportunity to build wealth just as other high net worth earners.

“An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest”- Ben Franklin

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Read Dorian’s Story In Investing

WOW. After getting mentorship with Dorian Carter, I was able to start my own investments. It’s been amazing to watch them grow.


Dorian’s team provides excellent support and are knowledgable about commercial real estate investing. For anyone who wants to get into commercial real estate, Dorian Carter is a top consultant.


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